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Eco Grill Barbecue

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Eco Grill Barbecue

The EcoGrill is Latvian in origin, made of alder and filled with the highest quality alder charcoal coals and is obtained from sustainable sources.

The EcoGrill is a Nordic way of burning tree stumps effectively now used for cooking, heating and smoking food.

Due to its design it maximises the use of the charcoals within it and prolongs burning time giving over 2.5 hours grilling while the heat remains even, and up to 5 hours as a heat source.

The alder charcoal gives food a pleasant smoky aroma and taste, Thus it's traditionally used for smoking fish and meats in these Nordic countries.

The Eco Grill is light and compact and can easily be carried or stored.The EcoGrill is easily lit with its own natural and odour free resin wick which quickly lights the coals (no need for lighter fluid) the EcoGrill is ready to use within 20 minutes of lighting (10 minutes if heating water).as the charcoal burns out it burns the walls of the grill leaving no waste and what if anything there is left is biodegradable Unlike your standard throw away BBQ. The only thing you are left with is Happy Memories.

The EcoGrill IS 100% Environmentally Friendly

The Eco Grill is Ideal for Picnics, the Beach, Hiking, Fishing, Camping and Caravanning as well as an open BBQ or an Independent fuel source for a BBQ grill or Campfire.