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Ear Cleaning Candle

2.750 KWD Other Currency
Candle Beeswax Good Product Hopi Ear Wax Indian Coning
Fragrance Cleaning Ear Candle Wax Removal Tool (4 Ear Candles with 2 Ear
Protective Disks)
This product does not contain chemicals, the natural aroma of beeswax, and protects the tray from residues.
Less smoke, stable flame, safe and healthy use (no temperature after candle burning), no harm to skin.
Enhances safety & hygiene during ear wax removal treatment. Catches any ash or debris from the candle.
The low micro-vacuum generated by burning ear candles can promote the release of airflow to the outside of the ear canal.
The temperature is slightly higher to speed up the circulation of the ear; you will hear the sound of the flame burning, and the most primitive nature of that time is shocking.