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Blood Glucose Meter

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Blood Glucose Meter

Package Listing:

1 x Blood Glucose Meter

1 x Blood Collection Needle

1 x Test Chip

1 x Manual

1 x Storage Box

Test Strips (50PCS 100PCS)

Lancets  (50PCS 100PCS)


1. Accurate measurement 

2. Micro blood collection  

3. 180 sets of numerical records  

4. Measure your blood sugar status at any time--Small, sleek shape, easy to store, and ready for measurement

5. High-definition LCD digital display--High-definition digital display, 180 sets of data records, time display, exceeding the standard reminder

6. Accurate Measurement Results--More electrodes, accurate measurement results, 2-way inductance siphon suction, left and right hands can be easy to operate

7. Micro blood collection--Close to painless blood collection, blood volume is as low as 1 μL

8. Convenient Detection--Give a test chip to understand the status of the blood glucose meter anytime, anywhere

9. Portable storage box--Protect the blood glucose meter, organize and store, easy to carry

10. Low power consumption for long time use

11. After the meter counts down form 8 to 1,the test result shows up,Automatic shut off in 3 minutes.


Model Number:GLM-77

Item Type: Blood Glucose 

Material: ABS 

Commodity Quality Certification: CE 

Applicable disease: Diabetes 

Index: Blood glucose Blood sugar 

Data Display: mg/dL

Sample volume wants demand: 1μL

Operating temperature: 10℃~40℃(50℉~104℉)

Operating humidity: 20%~80%

Applicable volume ratio range: 25%~65%

Test Range: 20~600 mg/dl

Test Time: 8s

Memory capacity: 180

Power saving device:3 minutes no operation automatic shutdown

Operation mode: Continuous operation

Test scenario settings: Can be marked before meal, after meal, the value of the test tube

Operating Voltage: DC3V

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