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Kasder Foam Air Conditioner Cleaner

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Kasder Foam Air Conditioner Cleaner 

Product features :efficient sterilization, rapid deodorization, kill bacteria,

 energy saving and consumption reduction,harmless to human body!Product information:1.

 Kill and inhibit bacteria and viruses, especially pathogenic bacteria easy to infect

 the upper respiratory tract, which can effectively prevent "air conditioning disease";Eliminate the peculiar smell of air conditioning,

 send out the natural fragrance, make you return to nature;2. Save power, improve refrigerating capacity and prolong the service life of 

air conditioner;3 a spray is clean, without rinsing by water, no need to wipe. Exquisite high biological decomposition technology can

 quickly decompose all kinds of stubborn oil stains, dirts and neoplasm, dirt naturally outflow, save time and effort, make the air conditioning immediately clean as new,

 luster reproduction, make the old air conditioning often wash often new feeling. Usage:1. Open the cover plate;2. Remove the filter to expose the aluminum fin;3. 

Aim at the aluminum fin of air conditioner to spray evenly and cover the whole aluminum fin