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Gps Tracker - Gf-07

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Gps Tracker - Gf-07

Black shell, easy to conceal, and perfect tracking for vehicles, teens, spouses, seniors or assets. There are two strong magnets inside, which are easily installed on the car without additional installation.

All you need is a function SIM card (except!) to insert into the device, you can track and map on the web in real time (Google Map).

By calling the SIM card number, you can hear the sound around the tracker, no lights, no noise, you can monitor and secretly control what's happening around the tracker.This tracking device sets all the functions of security, tracking, monitoring, emergency alarm and management. This product has two powerful magnets built in, do not have to worry about the placement problem, as long as there is a metal place can be placed directly.

Job Instructions:

Record: Send the number 555 to the alarm phone, and start recording.

Voice monitoring: send 666 number to the alarm phone

GPS tracking: send 777 number to the alarm phone, the phone receive geolocation and map link.

Positioning path: Send No. 102 to the alarm phone.

Delete memory card content: Send 445 to an alarm phone.

Restart the phone: send the 999 number to the alarm phone, start success after 1 minute.

Reset the phone: Send the number 444 to the alarm phone.