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Natural Beeswax For Wood - 80g

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1. This product is natural beeswax secreted from beeswax, which has been refined and filtered. Beeswax-based cement is specially used for wood processing.

2. Wiping beeswax on the furniture can lasting natural luster. It can remove scratches, grease and dirt on the painted surface.

3. Used for artwork, furniture, floor, seal lithography, wooden bracelets, etc. Can help increase texture, moisture and prevent cracking of wooden surfaces.

4. The product needs to be protected from light, and the storage temperature is preferably between 15 and 25 degrees. Changes in external temperature will cause soft deformation, but will not affect product performance and use.

5. Easy to apply and outstanding effect. Suitable for wooden cabinets, paneling, cabinets, bedroom furniture, door trims, wooden tables and chairs.