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Marble ceramic and floor polisher

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1. Protective barriers. Renew and protect saponite, tile, concrete and composite countertops.

2. Last use. The wax is not as greasy as mineral oil, and it is easier to apply. It penetrates into the interior to form a protective layer and has a longer service life.

3. Better results. It has a pleasant silky feel and keeps the matte effect of the table top.

4. Easy to apply. Just rub the wax on your countertop to absorb and polish the excess wax.


Name: Stone Care Wax

Weight: about 100g

Scope of application: stone maintenance, tile polishing

Packing List:

1*Stone Care Wax


1. It is not suitable to work in strong sunlight or high temperature and dust flying out.

2. Wipe the dry wax layer in time.

3. This wax is natural and environment-protective, without solvent.

4. Please keep it out of the reach of infants to prevent accidents.

5. Do not walk on the ground before it is completely dry to avoid leaving footprints or slipping.

6. Please store in a cool, dry and ventilated place.