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Electric RC Boat H133

13.500 KWD Other Currency

1. Remote control distance: Remote control distance is about 50 meters.

2. 2.4G remote control, remote control distance up to 50 meters, stand-alone single frequency, multiple players in the same field without interference with each other.

3. The driving time is up to 20 minutes, and the play is longer. The battery can be charged repeatedly to experience the fun of driving in the water.

4. Streamlined hull: The hull is streamlined to increase the speed of sailing.

5. Strong waterproof performance: the joints of each part of the hull have a good sealing performance to prevent the penetration of external liquids, achieve the purpose of protecting internal electronic components and prolonging the life of the racing boat.


When the rowing boat deviates from the course, the navigation rudder at the rear of the rowing boat can be manually adjusted to restore the rowing boat to go straight.

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