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Pattex Contact Adhesive Premium 3L

7.5K.D Other Currency
Pattex Contact Adhesive Premium is a premium quality, high tack, Toluene free, polychloroprene-based, multipurpose contact adhesive. It is recommended for bonding a wide variety of materials

Indoor & outdoor use
Suitable for a large variety of materials
High tack and toluene-free, polychloroprene-based, multipurpose contact adhesive.
Suitable for a large variety of materials
Chemical resistant
Color: Yellow
Polychloroprene rubber/ solvent
Bonds a wide variety of materials such as wood, aluminum, leather PVC, EPDM, HDPE.
Indoor & Outdoor Use

High initial & final strength with high temperature resistance (-40˚C to +110˚C)
Good for bonding of protection boards and soundproofing panels
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