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  • Item code: ST00604

Holder Woodworking Frame Clamp

1.750KWD Other Currency

90 Degree Right Angle Corner Holder Clamp

It is very similar in design that welders use. It can clamp wood of different thicknesses up to the capacity of the clamp.

The swivel jaw and swivel points allow the clamp to rotate and adjust to different thicknesses of wood.

Durable aluminum alloy construction with steel screws and independently adjustable jaws.

It is great for woodworking, picture framing reinforcement, cabinet & furniture pieces connection, etc.

Perfect for corner joints. No matter how sure you are that everything is lined up, a simple bump or shake can ruin it instantly This Perfect 90 degree angles clamp fixes that problem and works with a variety of piece sizes.

The handle swivels a little as it tightens adding to its useful design - not fixed and stiff. A little adjustment can make a difference.

  • Material: Aluminium
  • Colour: Red
  • Angle: 90°